New Zealand Road Trip Guide


Download the New Zealand Road Trip guide with 40 handpicked experiences, hotels and restaurants. 

New Zealand offers many incredible places to explore. It’s a long way from most places so we recommend taking 2-3 weeks to discover this beautiful country.

New Zealand is a place where you want to get lost, get off the beaten track and meet the locals. We spent an extraordinary three weeks travelling the whole country to put this guide together, seeking out the must see spots and little hidden away places that are not always easy to find!

If you have 6 weeks to spend travelling the country there are many more places that we’d suggest you visit, including the Corramandal and Bay of Islands all the way up the northern tip of the North Island.


    Experience hidden seclusion.

    New Zealand is still very much untainted by human intervention.

    Sometimes you will find yourself alone in a scene that should attract crowds of onlookers because of its beauty. A memorable moment to live & call your own. Some incredible spots where you feel like you’re the first person to have ever discovered it.


    Raw untouched scenery.

    The full glory of nature’s beauty on display everywhere your eyes look.

    The peaceful snow-draped mountains in the distance reflected on the mirror of the pristine lake water induce a profoundly touching feeling of appreciation to the magical view. Your heart rate is unusually high. This may be to do with the fact that moments ago, you were free-falling & sky-diving from 15000 ft!