Empowering Humanity To Create A Globally Connected Future Through Travel

Little Voyage explores experiential travel as a way for people to connect with the world and create meaningful experiences in life.

Our mission is to inspire leaders, thinkers and dreamers through travel. As any travel enthusiast will vouch: visiting new countries is about more than simply taking a few good Instagram photos. Travelling is about immersing ourselves in different cultures, challenging our belief systems, disrupting our environment and most importantly discovering something new about ourselves. Seeking such experiences can, however, be challenging, with many travel sites still offering only tourist orientated search results, without curated content. These are not the type of memorable trips that create a lasting impression!

We seek meaningful experiences in life.

We travel to connect, to immerse ourselves in different cultures and to learn something about ourselves.

Little Voyage believes that travelling with purpose offers ample learning that continues long after the duration of the trip. For that, Little Voyage contributes a percentage from every booking towards the Little Voyage Foundation, supporting social projects that engage and touch the lives of local communities. For instance, the trip to Nepal includes a cooking workshop experience at the Seven Women in Kathmandu, supporting their social enterprise working to help disadvantaged women in Nepal. In the trip to Morocco, there’s a visit to the Eve Branson Foundation in Asni, an organisation with a long-term aim of helping the locals through setting sustainable enterprises for handcrafts for young women in the Atlas Mountains.