11 Days of Bliss In Thailand

Explore the richness of this beautiful culture through the smiles of the locals.


Bangkok, Koh Samui


From December to April, the weather is at its best for both destinations in Thailand. Koh Samui dry season continues till mid-September.


Thailand’s stunning scenery, rich history, warm culture & exquisite cuisine are some of the reasons why it is an ideal destination for a truly memorable experience all year around.







A truly unforgettable Thailand experience where an afternoon massage on the coconut lined white sandy beach, a stroll in the forest, the tastes of the local food stalls or the waterfall in the tropical jungles will reward all your senses.

Start in Bangkok for a lively welcome to the Land of Smiles

Experience the vibrancy of Bangkok through its waterways and its busy floating morning markets. Many encounters with history and culture, the new and the old, at just about every turn.

After Bangkok, next stop is Koh Samui. It’s time to get to serenity and go sailing around tropical paradise islands in the Gulf of Thailand where we’ve got few exquisite isolated beaches lined up for you. There’s also plenty of time to relax, embrace simplicity, chill out in the lovely breeze by the coconut palm trees where the only sound you could hear are the birds tweeting.

In Koh Samui, you’ll get to experience different sides to the island, from inland tour, to an exclusive sailing cruise, from waterfalls to crystal blue lagoons. Also, a day to indulge at the Nikki Beach club and a sunset dinner cruise, all to complement your experience of Thailand. The “Land of Smiles” will never feel the same again after this Little Voyage trip.

A Destination for all the senses

The memories of the dazzling Grand Palace, beautiful temples, sunsets on the islands and the smiles of the locals will long remain with you, as you remember those travel memories of being present to the moment!

A warm welcome in vibrant Bangkok topped by an escape to tropical paradise