In The Beginning

Founded by travellers who truly know the importance of designing extraordinary travel experiences, Little Voyage is much more than your traditional travel agency. We specialise in creating moments that are carefully designed with every detail in mind, from the flow of a trip, ensuring there is a balance of exploring the local culture and sights, to its energy, leaving time to relax and replenish. We are a trusted travel partner, on the journey with all of our customers to discover not only what the world has to offer, but also something personal for travellers. We listen to the type of experience people want, and design in those moments, realised in every voyage.

What We Deliver

Pre-planned private voyages are available to more than 40 countries, with local guides on the ground in each destination. Every voyage includes a carefully crafted itinerary, boutique hotels, experienced local guides and private transfers. Pre-planned voyages can be booked online or through a Little Voyage Travel Advisor.

If you’ve got any destination in mind, your personal Little Voyage travel advisor will tailor an itinerary that accommodates your preferences and travel vision, with personalised recommendations and customised experiences. The crafted trips include immersive experiences, luxury boutique accommodation, local guides, and food recommendations.

We encourage you to explore new places, to open your minds through embracing new cultures, beliefs and mindsets. We invite you to share our vision of contribution, gratitude and legacy. We believe this ride has to be immensely fun and fulfilling, this comes across in every experience we plan, and you can trust that every destination and hotel has been carefully curated, gently wrapped and presented to you with love and anticipation.

We all want to meet new people, to have unique experiences, to explore beautiful places. We want to open up our world and make this a better place. And world travel helps change our lives because it challenges our long-held beliefs and invites us to see in a new way.

Ahmed GoudaCo-Founder

Our job is to bring dreams to the front of our minds and existence. to empower people to live to their true and whole potential. To empower people to feel, to be, to connect. The more human beings on this planet that connect the more powerful we become.

Emma PonsonbyCo-Founder

Travelling and meeting new people broadens your horizons. To travel means to grow, to experience, to open up. But it's also about the wonderful relationships you build with people along the way.

Andrea SchnitzerCo-Founder

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Empowering Humanity To Create A Globally Connected Future Through Travel.