Unique Trips with Handpicked Experiences, Hotels & Local Guides

A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins With a Single Click.

Little Voyage is a young travel company with a commitment to empower humanity to create a globally connected future through travel. We provide our customers with curated trips, unique experiences and bespoke itineraries in the world’s most breathtaking destinations.

Every trip has been carefully curated, gently wrapped and presented with love and anticipation. All of our trips include a beautiful selection of experiences, together with accommodations in a selection of handpicked boutique and unique independent hotels, plus local guides and transport.

Experiential Travel Redefined.

Our worldwide network of partners covers every continent, with each offering in-depth local expertise, innovative services delivered to our travellers with exceptional standards of customer service. Our principles of Sustainable Tourism are shared passionately with all our partners who have implemented travel practices regarding the aspects of the environment, social, local communities, wildlife, volunteering and more.

Bespoke Itinerary Planning.

If you’ve got a destination in mind, please contact us for a personalised itinerary that accommodates your preferences & travel wishes, with our recommendations for customised sightseeing & experiences with all the inside knowledge from our travel consultants.

Socially Conscious Travel.

We believe that travelling with purpose offers ample learning that goes beyond the timing of the trip. For that Little Voyage has a global network of partners with local knowledge in each of the destinations we operate in to deliver development opportunities and engagement to touch the lives of the local communities we interact with.

Plan Your Escape

Embark on a journey beyond the ordinary, a voyage of a life time to one of our stunning destinations. Take the memories of your story with you as you’ll be sharing them for the rest of your life.

Ice Canyon

Salar de Uyuni



Self Connect

Pick a destination to expand your mind and truly be present to the moment. Experience that magical moment when you are connected to the elements.



Bagan Plains

Angkor Wat

Relax Your Mind

Simplify your daily rhythm & embrace simplicity in a spot of serenity. Switch off in one of our relaxing destinations where time comes to a stop.




Lake District

The Soul Traveller Guides

Welcome to the Little Voyage Soul Traveller Series. In these guides we explore some amazing hidden little spots, taking you on a journey curated by like-minded travellers. Every activity, restaurant and hotel has been handpicked to create a tailored guide for your trip.